About ConXeasy

ConXeasy™ is a British company, which strives to make their products simple to use, but provide great quality products designed to exceed your expectations. ConXeasy is led by a wealth of experience in audio product development, with over 38 years of audio experience.

When we conceived the ConXeasy audio range, it immediately became apparent that we had an opportunity to develop products with designs that were driven by our customers’ needs. Looking at the marketplace as a whole, there are many different types of audio systems available, but none really seemed to have the attention to detail that our customers wanted. Those things that might seem like minor considerations to the majority of brands were treated as design priorities by us and the result is a small, focussed range that includes some unique features that are relevant to how the products are used every hour, every day.
To design and manufacture audio products that are focussed on the needs of our customers, that sound better than our competitors and that provide value for money.
The ConXeasy ideas factory is a forum for discussion for all members of our team, for our UK and International distributors, installers and for our end-users. We encourage all those that work with us (in any capacity) to contribute new ideas and thoughts on how to improve our products and to be part of the creative force behind the new products under development. We see the development of the ConXeasy brand as a genuinely collaborative process and our rapid success is primarily because we listen to our partners. We also learn from our customers and we then execute on any good ideas that are presented. Wherever you are, whichever country you live in, your opinions and ideas are always welcome.

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